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When you are in the mood for pizza you don’t want to be disappointed with bad food or service. If you’re planning to cater for large groups then Hot Stones Pizza catering offers the perfect solution. However if you’re looking to eat out or want to order a pizza for delivery you should check out these top choices for delicious pizza.

Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut offers a full menu of pizza, sides and desserts. You can find Margherita pizza, Hawaiian, Farmhouse or the Pepperoni Feast. If you prefer vegetables, the Vegetable Surpeme is what you should order. You need to try the Tuna Sweetcorn Melt for something a little different. Grab a side of potato wedges or some cheesy nachos to munch on. You can even order gluten free pizza if someone in your party is intolerant. The have delivery service and also a nice sit in dining area. If you are dining in, you can enjoy the free salad bar.



Domino’s Pizza has plenty of easy order options, such as Facebook messenger ordering and the new pizza tracker where you can track the pizza straight to your door. You can plan your pizza any way you want at Domino’s, from crust to toppings and the sauce in between. Make it your way and be sure to get what you want. They pride themselves on being the world’s leading pizza delivery
company so if you want to stay home and eat, this would be your wise choice.

Pizza Express


Pizza Express is very popular and has an eat-in restaurant, take-away, or even cook at home dough. Start with polenta chips or prosciutto e melone, then dive into a barbacoa pizza or some calabrese. You will enjoy vanilla cheesecake for dessert or some delicious gelato. There are also special options for the kids as well. At Pizza Express you can eat in or take-away.

Pizza Gogo


Pizza Gogo makes their dough fresh daily. They have some delicious choices for pizza such as the Alligator, the American Hot, the Vegetarian, and the Chinese. Get a side of onion rings, cheesy bread or even chicken wings or dragon wings. You can take-away or order delivery from over 100 branches, and always expect the freshest ingredients and free delivery.

Village Pizza

Village Pizza is another popular pizza place where you will find veggie pizza, meat pizzas, and even fish or chicken pizzas, as well as pasta and sides. If you need to have a lot of options, this would be a great place to start. They make pizzas of the month and some awesome meal deals and have 20 years of experience behind them.