Wedding catering for Leicester


A wedding is always a big occasion, whether it’s a small gathering of family or a large event with hundreds of guests. With a wedding there comes a number of descisions that need to be made.

At Hot Stones Pizzas we aim to take away the stress of catering on the big day by offering specialised pizza catering packages for weddings which will serve up to 200 people. We offer competitive pricing for wedding catering around Leicester as well as the surrounding areas of Leicestershire, including but not limited to pizza catering in Nottingham, Derby and Warwickshire. Whilst pizza catering might not seem conventional at a wedding, it’s a simple way to feed a large number of guests.

Why have pizza caterers at your wedding?


Our catering team come equipped with stone baked ovens and are able to cook everything on site. Because of the simplicity of pizza catering it becomes a lot more budget friendly than other wedding catering packages.

The stone baked pizza menus include everything you need for a grand wedding package, with a variety of sides available with your pizza to ensure everyone is content at your reception. We offer a 3 course meal consisting of a starter, pizza main (with salads) and desserts. View our wedding menu.

Our pizza ovens also offer mobility, we can often get the oven into areas which may have accessibility issues. We have served many wedding venues across Leicestershire and the Midlands and have good connections with many of the venue’s proprietors allowing us to plan ahead with our setup.